Premium car rental Warsaw

An accident on the road, a vacation getaway, or perhaps just a desire for a weekend adventure in a beautiful convertible? Every reason is good to get behind the wheel of one of our vehicles. With this form of rental, formalities are kept to a minimum. Opting for the rental of cars from our fleet, you receive an all-inclusive service. Service, insurance, seasonal tire replacement, and all other vehicle maintenance tasks are in our hands. Renting an SUV, limousine, or convertible for a day or a few has never been as easy as it is now.

SUV rental Warsaw

We are well aware of the growing needs in the luxury car rental market. Our Warsaw-based company offers the highest standard of services. By renting any car you are getting all-inclusive service. This means that we will deliver the car and also pick it up from a location specified by the customer. You’ll also receive insurance if you decide to rent a luxury car of premium brands such as BMW, Audi, or Mercedes. There is also the option to rent a premium car with an experienced driver who is fluent in English.

Premium class cars rental service

Vip Cars Warsaw offer you a Premium class car rent both

  • short-term – 2 days to month  
  • long-term – od miesiąca do 3 lat 

Our Premium class cars offer consist of the most exclusive cars from famous brands such as BMW, MERCEDES, AUDI and Porsche.

Renting a car in our company means a lot of benefits: 
  • comprehensive service door-to-door,
  • guaranty of receiving a new, well-maintained car,
  • a fleet exclusively comprised of premium brands such as Mercedes, Audi, BMW, and Porsche,
  • rich equipment in the offered cars and top-tier engine versions,
  • professional service,
  • flexible offer, tailored to the individual needs of the client,
  • minimal paperwork,
  • clear, fair rental terms.
wynajem samochodów premium warszawa


We consistently modernize our fleet, ensuring that only well-maintained cars with the best possible drivetrain and equipment await our customers. Reservations for premium and luxury car rentals in Warsaw can be made through a special form, where you only need to provide the pickup address, the type of car, and your contact information. After placing the order, we deliver the vehicle to the specified address and also pick it up from the agreed location. All that’s needed is a signature on the necessary documents to immediately enjoy a luxurious limousine, SUV, or another comfortable type of vehicle. We focus on proven models from reputable manufacturers that are widely associated with the highest class. In our services, by the term ‘Premium cars,’ we mean spacious, well-maintained, and fully equipped vehicles from the latest model years, always ready for the journey. We are always open to the needs and expectations of our customers, which is why we also offer luxury car rental with a driver.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the wide range of our cars by categories

Rent a car

Whether it’s a planned journey or an on-the-go situation, considering premium car rental in Warsaw is worthwhile. This way, you not only gain access to a prestigious mode of transportation that allows entrepreneurs to uphold a positive image, crucial in business dealings, for example. All vehicles from our rental service are visually appealing and showcase the highest level of comfort. Besides being exceptional in their class and rightfully enjoying a reputation for the most comfortable rides, our luxury rental cars are meticulously maintained in excellent technical condition. Because we subject them to thorough inspections before handing them over to you, every customer can be confident in using a reliable vehicle, allowing smooth travels throughout the capital or well beyond it, free from surprises. The ride comfort will be incomparably greater than when using services from a regular rental. The VIP CARS WARSAW fleet consists of luxurious limousines from renowned brands. You can rent cars from us produced by BMW, Mercedes, or Audi. Importantly, beyond limousines, we also offer sports cars. You can also rent SUVs and vans. The latter, like other VIP CARS WARSAW vehicles, present the highest standard and comfort, as customer satisfaction is our priority. We can cater to even the most demanding individuals. If you value services at an exclusive level, our company is the ideal choice.

SUV rental

Besides, we offer luxury SUVs for rent to clients from Warsaw and all over Poland. It’s simpler than it might seem – comfortable, spacious cars from top brands await you in our offer at prices for every budget. Renting an SUV in Warsaw allows you to reach your destination in a comfortable, high-class vehicle, handling both city traffic and off-road situations with ease. Vehicles in this class, with an increased ground clearance, are on par with the best-equipped traditional passenger cars, bringing the benefits and power of machines designed for driving in the most challenging off-road conditions to the city streets. Renting luxury cars is an excellent way to navigate your route in the capital and beyond in a comfortable and hassle-free manner. We provide customers with only proven cars from our fleet, regularly subjected to technical inspections and serviced, fully equipped and ready to travel on any route. Premium car rental in Warsaw, regardless of the type of vehicle, is gaining increasing interest. A journey to the airport in a BMW SUV or a super-comfortable city tour? With our cars, everything is an exclusive adventure. You can experience how exceptionally modern Premium-class cars drive with us. There’s also the option for our qualified chauffeurs to drive our cars. Renting SUVs and other types of vehicles is possible for hours, days, and even months or years. Details of long-term rental can be found in a special dedicated section.