Helicopter flights

Exclusive helicopter flights

Vip Cars Warsaw offers an extraordinary service – helicopter flights. We rely on a professional team, so we provide efficient and customer-friendly services, ensuring that the helicopter charter is carried out smoothly and without issues.

We understand that no two flights are the same, so we treat the needs and requirements of each customer individually, ensuring high-quality customer service. We guarantee that bytravelling with Vip Cars Warsaw, you will arrive rested and ready for work or a meeting, without worries about your journey. You can fly wherever you want, whenever you want, and at the time you choose, without being concerned about traffic jams, train delays, or airport hassles. VipCarsWarsaw aims to provide fast, flexible, and safe transportation for our clients and their guests.

Helicopter flights offer

In our offer :

  • Air Taxi flights
  • business flights
  • sightseeing flights
  • Aerial filming and photo
  • patrol flights
  • special offer: flights to holiday resorts, engagements in the air, participation in events or corporate events